My books

The Di Ruggiero Mafia Family Saga

Elias: When darkness is all you know, how can you trust in love?

Dante: A crime boss. A meek accountant. When she enters his world… will she be able to find her way out? Will she even want to?

Matteo (Coming Soon): And when outside dangers become too much, can Emily and Matty learn to trust each other again?

Texas Three-Step Series

To Love Her Cowboys:

She went searching for her destiny and found love, with not one but two sexy cowboys.

The Power of Love:

Must she give up everything she’s ever wanted for her life… for love? Or can she really have it all?

Love on the Coast:

Can the three of them find common ground and create something as impossible as forever?


Three Strangers in the Night:

A curvy girl spends one unforgettable night with two men.

This short story is a prequel to both of my other series, and you can read it for free!

Meant to be Mine:

Will Madeline give Nick a chance to prove wrong every other man she’s known? Can Madeline show Nick there’s more to life than boardrooms and boredom?